At this exciting conference, where industry leaders will determine the path for energy in the global market in 2024 with their newest technological products, you should sit down for the first time with foreign investors.

PV Production Technologies in the Exhibition Area

Do you provide products and solutions for automation technology, PV production, or measurement and monitoring technology? Do you work with machinery used in the manufacturing of solar panels or cells? Do you provide the required supplies or add-ons?

Then we invite you participate Solar Expo Uzbekistan!



That’s thousands of your potential customers! By participating in the fair, as an exhibitor, you have up to three fair days to show them your products and services. And that’s not all. Thanks to an extensive promotional campaign and a lot of media attention, your brand will also reach hundreds of thousands of people in Uzbekistan and abroad.

solar photovoltaic panels

Then we invite you participate Solar Expo Uzbekistan!

Your Advantages for a Successful Participation

Profitable Synergies Thanks to Parallel Events
The smarter E Europe brings together previously isolated sectors such as electricity, heat, and transportation, serving as the perfect platform to showcase PV production technologies together with related areas of the new energy world such as storage systems.

Networking Zone

During the fair, a specially separated networking zone will be available – a space for exchanging experiences and strengthening contacts. Industry meetings are an ideal opportunity to expand the group of potential business partners, as will as build a customer base.  

Educational Panel

Numerous speeches and an industry conference conducted by recognized speakers – experienced parctitioners and industry experts

Welcome Package

Preparation of badges and individual welcome packages for all registered, which will be sent directiy to the address provided in the registration form

PV Production Technologies in the Exhibition Area

Exhibitors at Solar Energy Expo will include companies from the following sectors:

Manufacturers of solar panels and photovoltaic modules
Suppliers of energy storage systems
Solar installation and service companies
Companies offering energy efficiency solutions
Suppliers of solar energy technologies
Manufacturers of batteries and energy management systems
Manufacturers of wind turbines and other equipment for generating renewable energy
Energy consultants specializing in renewable energy sources
Companies offering energy monitoring and optimization solutions
Zero carbon technology providers and research organizations and research institutes dealing with renewable energy
Exhibition Segments
Solar Energy Uzbekistan focuses on the areas of photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies, and solar plants.

Here you'll find the exhibition segments in detail.

Engineering services and Consulting
Research and development
Test institutes and Certification
State initiatives and public authorities
Trade media, publishing
Education and further training, training courses
Financial services, subsidies, insurances

Solar Thermal Technologies

Collectors, absorbers

solar panels on the wall of a multi-storey building. Renewable solar energy.

Building integrated solutions

A semi-desert field with solar panels to generate electricity at sunset.

Process heat

Air conditioning and cooling

Manufacturing machinery and equipment

Using special equipment. Male worker in blue uniform outdoors with solar batteries at sunny day

Thermal Energy Storage

Solar panels in city


PV Solar cells and modules

Solar cells and Crystalline modules
Thin-film modules

Stand-alone and Off-grid Systems

Stand-alone systems and Off-grid systems
Small solar devices

Balance of Systems

Inverters and Building integrated solutions (BIPV)
PV monitoring, measuring, and control technologies

ICT and PV Software

ICT and PV software

PV Components and Installation

PV components (cables, connectors, junction boxes, etc.) and Mounting systems, installation aids

PV Production Technologies

Manufacturing equipment for ingots, wafers, raw material polysilicon, UMG, etc.
Manufacturing equipment for solar cells, modules, thin films

Solar Power Plants

PV systems for residential buildings
Roof-mounted PV systems for commercial and industrial applications
Roof-mounted PV systems for commercial and industrial applications
Free-standing PV installations
Solar thermal power plants
EPC contracting/project development for solar plants
Solar Power Plant Efficiency Enhancements
Grid Integration Solutions for Solar Power Plants


During the fair you will hold discussions and build valuable business relationships that will result in new contracts. Trade fairs are a one-of-a-kind opportunity not only to build a base of new customers, but also to hear about their needs, which will allow you to tailor your offer even better to your customers’ expectations, which will ultimately increase your company’s profits.

Exhibition Area

Address: 107 Amir Temur str., Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, 100084.
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