Uzbekistan - Tashkent
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5 - 7 June 2024


Conference program that sheds light on and directs the future of solar energy...


Sharing experience from people and institutions at the heart of the industry...


CEOs, investors and leaders at Uzbekistan's first and only solar energy fair...

Central Asia's Future of Solar Energy: Solar Expo Uzbekistan 2024

The International Solar Expo Uzbekistan is getting ready to open for business in 2024, welcoming investors from more than ten nations and two continents. World-class enterprises participate in Solar Expo Uzbekistan International Solar Energy and Technologies Exhibition, which continues to hold its position as one of the major sectoral fairs in the Central Asia Fair calendar. It showcases the newest and most advanced technologies of the future.

Leaders in the industry, associations, unions, and providers of continuous and renewable solar energy will highlight the value of solar energy at Solar Expo Uzbekistan, the only and first specialized International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair in Central Asia, during concurrent conferences. With eco-friendly solutions, the industry will come together at the Solar Expo Uzbekistan Expo.

Solar Energy and Technologies Expo Uzbekistan’s first and only solar energy themed fair- is fair which provides a chance for Uzbekistan to take important steps in the direction of being a production centre in the field of solar energy.

The only and largest trade show for solar energy in Uzbekistan

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Exhibition of International Solar Innovations in Uzbekistan

Being a commercial platform where the latest technologies in the world in the field of solar energy and new products produced in Central Asia are presented all together, “International Solar Expo Uzbekistan” has the characteristics of being an organization in which sector’s leading firms and representatives meet.

Uniting Industry Leaders, Seminars, and Innovation at Solar Expo Uzbekistan

The fair is comprised of various different activities, which visitors will participate in, as well as the symposiums and firm conferences. Sector’s leading organizations are illuminating the sector with the seminars during the fair, where seminars are conducted especially in the field of financing, investment and production.

All the members of sector come together in the fair, where world solar energy’s CEOs, senior managers, purchasing directors, manufacturers, consumers, academicians, students and domestic and foreign representatives of solar energy sector take part.

A new platform, where sector collaborates with Solar Expo Uzbekistan and which puts solar energy together with industrialists, has been emerging.


Solar Thermal Technologies

Collectors, absorbers

solar panels on the wall of a multi-storey building. Renewable solar energy.

Building integrated solutions

A semi-desert field with solar panels to generate electricity at sunset.

Process heat

Air conditioning and cooling

Solar power plant

Manufacturing machinery and equipment

Using special equipment. Male worker in blue uniform outdoors with solar batteries at sunny day

Thermal Energy Storage

Overarching Product Groups

Engineering services and Consulting
Research and development
Test institutes and Certification
State initiatives and public authorities
Trade media, publishing
Education and further training, training courses
Financial services, subsidies, insurances

Solar Power Plants

PV systems for residential buildings
Roof-mounted PV systems for commercial and industrial applications
Roof-mounted PV systems for commercial and industrial applications
Free-standing PV installations
Solar thermal power plants
EPC contracting/project development for solar plants
Solar Power Plant Efficiency Enhancements
Grid Integration Solutions for Solar Power Plants


PV Solar cells and modules

Solar cells and Crystalline modules
Thin-film modules

Stand-alone and Off-grid Systems

Stand-alone systems and Off-grid systems
Small solar devices

Balance of Systems

Inverters and Building integrated solutions (BIPV)
PV monitoring, measuring, and control technologies

ICT and PV Software

ICT and PV software

PV Components and Installation

PV components (cables, connectors, junction boxes, etc.) and Mounting systems, installation aids

PV Production Technologies

Manufacturing equipment for ingots, wafers, raw material polysilicon, UMG, etc.
Manufacturing equipment for solar cells, modules, thin films

Solar Energy Expo Uzbekistan is an excellent opportunity for you to compare and carefully analyze all offers available on the Cenral Asian market dedicated to the industry. The event also provides an excellent opportunity to participate in conferences, workshops and congresses of the industry renewable energy sources developing knowledge of the market and showing the operation of the latest technologies. Register and receive an invitation to the fair.

Exhibition Area

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